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Visioning & Ideation

As you embark on any creative project, visioning and ideation are the key first step. We help cast your vision by nailing the broad concept or idea for the project, establishing key parameters such as size, type, theme and budget. This information enables planning and design work to begin in earnest. By the time we’re done, the project team has a comprehensive understanding of the project’s essential details, allowing for alignment with stakeholders and setting the stage for next steps.

Concept & Master Planning

Beginning with a greenfield site, the master planning process represents the first stage in translating a concept into a real-world experience. We work closely with you to define the project’s objectives and success metrics, covering financial, educational, experiential and other critical aspects. Collaboratively, we establish the overarching concept and narrative, outlining the key components of the experience and crafting the guest journey. The result is a thorough yet flexible roadmap that establishes the project’s overall direction.

Writing & Content Development

Story is the foundation of the guest experience. We start with a verbal roadmap that describes each component of the experience: why it exists, what visitors will do there and what they’ll get out of it. This sets the tone and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the project. We also craft the verbal elements that guests interact with, like descriptions, stories and interactive games.

Experience Planning & Design

At this stage we elaborate on the master plan concepts, detailing everything from individual rivets to paint colors. Conceptual artwork evolves into schematic and construction-ready drawings, specifying precisely what will be built, where, and how. Technologies, materials and media are selected to fully realize the design, appearance, and theming intent. The outcome is a set of documents that outline the exact fabrication, construction and production details of the project. Functional and operational requirements are also finalized during this phase.

Art Direction

Art directors shepherd the overall look and design elements of a project, including artifacts, props, decor, media components and more. They make sure the design intent is always followed and the final results match the stylistic vision of the project. This is a hands-on job that touches everything from the big picture to the smallest details to create the exact atmosphere you imagined for your guest experience.

Graphic Design

This service covers all aspects of visual storytelling for your project. Our graphic design team crafts visuals, including illustrations, descriptions, theming, signage and more—in both physical and digital formats—providing a unique interpretation of your story. Graphic design enhances the creative intent of the attractions to help wow your guests. We assess local cultural norms, evaluate site wayfinding needs and select appropriate creative and practical solutions to meet cost and schedule requirements.

Media Production

Need video content, theatre-quality audio or even a mobile app to make your experience shine? Our in-house media studios have it covered. With deep expertise in animation, motion graphics, music production, social media, digital media and more, we create stunning results that draw your guests deeper into the experience.

Project Management & Implementation

Leave it to us to ensure that all teams stay on track, meeting creative, operational and financial requirements for your initiative. Our project managers work from the inception of a project, overseeing all planning, scoping, scheduling, administration and day-to-day coordination. They closely interact with in-house art directors, media designers, fabricators and specialty contractors to ensure the creative intent is met and project goals are accomplished to the highest standard.

Creative Guardianship

Any project worth doing is worth protecting. We work to preserve your project’s creative vision, preventing compromises from diminishing the final quality. We also serve as a high-level voice of balance, managing intellectual property concerns and design documentation, advising partners and collaborating with your project team to maintain the approved creative direction

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