Seasonal Stage Manager | NYC Haunt Experience

RWS Global is seeking an dedicated and energetic Seasonal Stage Manager to support the management of our seasonal haunt experience. The Seasonal Stage Manager will work closely with the General Manager to oversee all aspect of the haunt operations, ensuring a thrilling and safe experience for guests. This role requires strong leadership, exceptional organization skills, and a passion for delivering high-quality entertainment.

Who we’re looking for…


  • Provide daily support to all Performers
  • Lead and provide staffing supervision and issue mitigation daily
  • Perform and abide by duties described in Company Manager Handbook
  • Liaison between RWS Leadership and Cast
  • Provide organization and synthesis of technical and artistic information from RWS and Client
  • Provide suggestions to best utilize available resources and/or procure additional support as needed
  • Communicate needs to troubleshoot technical and operational logistics to General Manager(s) if applicable 
  • Assist RWS Leadership and Producer with administrative duties for logistics and programming 
  • Create and maintain a professional relationship with the Client Management and ensure all interactions abide by RWS standards
  • Be supportive of Raise Your Experience initiatives throughout the season
  • Oversee and manage Talent to perform all production elements properly and safely
  • Abide by all Timelines presented forth by RWS Producer and Project Manager
  • Prepare and submit Daily Operational Reports to the  RWS Entertainment Manager and Producer
  • Acquire and demonstrate awareness of both RWS’ and the venue’s safety procedures including Emergency Action Plans, Injury & illness Prevention Plans, Accident Reporting, and additional protocols.
  • Assist with overall production needs as reasonably requested
  • Address onsite concerns ahead of Daily Operations and perform emergency troubleshooting as needed.
  • Accountability for care and tracking of all performance collateral. All to be properly and securely stored when not in use.
  • Complete all duties to the satisfaction of the Company
  • Follow the Company chain of command.
  • Follow all given RWS and Client infectious disease control and safety protocols as may be necessary.
  • Adhere to all RWS Handbook guidelines, including dress codes and codes of conduct.
  • Ensure that the talent signs the daily sign in sheet and that it is passed off to the Entertainment Manager by end of day on Sunday.
  • Ensure talent is following approved Show Direction per RWS and Client and follow up as necessary
  • Ensure that the talent has completed a warm up
  • Other duties as needed.   

Pay: 1500/week