Electrician | Theme Parks

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Position Summary: The Electrician position is an installation technician who has experience with power generation, power distribution, and powering lit décor. This role should also understand DMX protocol and have worked with both conventional and LED theatrical lighting.

Essential Duties:

  • Run feeder cable from generator or power service to power distro and from distro to individual lit elements
  • Troubleshoot general electrical show element issues as needed
  • Install ground décor as needed

Minimum Qualifications:


Required: High School Diploma or GED

Preferred: Vocational or technical training – Field of Study: welding, engineering, rigging, carpentry, electronics, audio, construction, electrician. The knowledge needed for this position are often not found in traditional college educations. Technical theatre education will be the closest thing, but so would any education in audio, lighting, electronics, rigging, welding, carpentry, design, 3D modeling software. It’s a myriad of technical skills that makes this a helpful education.

EXPERIENCE: 2 to 3 years of experience in the technical entertainment field

LICENSURE OR CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Valid driver’s license required. OSHA and similar construction safety certification(s) helpful.

Key Competencies:

  • Basic knowledge of a working theatrical space – hanging/focusing lighting instruments, running cabling, cable management, basic knots, awareness of other aspects of production and their needs from your position and from the space, ability to interpret and create light plots, basic paperwork
  • Portable power distribution – familiarity with system preferred
  • Solutions-based troubleshooting
  • Friendly and proactive personality
  • Ability to interface with clients, coworkers, and laborers to maintain a positive work environment
  • Organizational skills – in office and on-site
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and customer service – communicates through various mediums such as email, text, phone call, and in-person conversations.
  • Awareness of dangers and hazards associated with job functions and willingness to mitigate those risks
  • Expert troubleshooting of technical issues in a theatrical/production setting

Work Environment: While on-site, frequent exposure to unfavorable conditions such as all-weather, orworking in cramped, very dirty, or unpleasant quarters. Electricians will often be on-site and need to work in hot/humid, cold/freezing, rain, and snow conditions to complete the job before the deadline.

Physical Effort: Moderate – Physical effort represented by frequent handling of heavy objects (approx. 25-50 lbs.) and materials, or heavy hand tools. Electricians should be prepared to work at height in lifts when necessary.

Hazards: Frequent existing or potential hazards. Moderate existing or potential hazards. While on-site, there is regular exposure to: working at heights over 50 feet, working in and around heavy equipment.

Salary: $250/day